Bespoke Products

Here at Brook Bakery Ltd we’re always up for a challenge. During the run up to Christmas 2012 we were contacted by BBH Ltd (Bartle, Bogle, Hegarty), a worldwide advertising agency to come up with a gingerbread pilot for their British Airways Christmas campaign at Gatwick Airport.

Although we had a very tight timescale we took up the challenge and not only produced 20,000 gingerbread pilots but also 20,000 mince pies for this campaign. The results speaks for themselves! Our bespoke gingerbread products have been used by both our local football teams and we are in negotiation with other customers who want similar lines. We have also provided IMG Events UK with 10,000 pieces of flapjack for a sports event they were handling and often supply full slabs of brownie for use as a dessert for corporate events and hospitality providers. Whether it’s Yorkshire Parkin for a Bonfire event or Gateaux for a Country House Summer Fayre we will always listen to our customers’ individual requirements and come up with quality products that we can both be proud of. Our brownie and lemon drizzle cake kept the bobbies going whilst policing the Tour de France in 2014!